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The department is always looking for volunteers. The work can be hard, and often dangerous, and there is no pay. Our pay is the good feeling we have after helping a resident in time of need. Call us at 201-768-0338

Fire Safety Tips
  • The leading cause of residential fires is cooking. Please remember to turn off ovens and stoves if your are going out. When cooking, keep a close watch. Food can burn or catch fire very quickly. The 2 minute visit next door or across the street to talk to a neighbor could lead to a disaster!

  • Also be careful when using microwave ovens. Read the instructions. Some items can cause sparking and/or fire. Be careful.

  • Check all smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms monthly.

  • Fire killed almost 3,900 people in 2004, 82% died in home fires.

  • Getting ready for the heating season? Have a qualified professional check your furnace or boiler for proper operation. A few dollars spent now could save you thousands later if you have a fire due to a faulty heating system!

  • If you hear your smoke or fire alarm, smell something burning or sense a problem, don t wait, CALL 911 right away. Let us check it. If there is a problem, seconds count, so the sooner we arrive to investigate the cause, the safer it is for all.

Have a professional check your system to prevent possible carbon monoxide back-up. Damaged or clogged chimneys are a major cause of fire and CO poisoning.

Fire Drills

Fire drills are held fourth Tuesday of each month.

Fire Department

John McLoughlin

Carl Pavlik
Assistant Chief

John Young

Matthew Carey
1st Lieutenant

Matthew Mayer
2nd Lieutenant

Volunteer Fire Association

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Kevin Kautzmann
Vice President

Sean McFadden

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Matthew Carey
Assistant Treasurer