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Frequently Asked Questions

Borough Administrator Contact: Julie Falkenstern - (201) 660-4680 - [email protected]

When is garbage pick-up?

  • Curbside Pickup: Mondays & Thursdays
  • No holiday garbage pickup on January 1, May 27, September 2, and November 28
  • Mondays - Regular Household garbage. Curbside pickup only.
  • Thursdays - Junk (furniture, household items, etc.), as well as regular household garbage. Curbside pickup only.

When is leaf pick-up?

Leaf pick up begins the day after Columbus Day and ends the first week of December. All leaves must be spread out close to the curb, but not within 10 feet of any storm drains. Leaf piles must be kept free of twigs, branches, stones and grass or they will not be picked up!

When is recycling pick-up?

  • 1st & 3rd Wednesdays: co-mingled recyclable plastic, glass, waxed paper and metal containers.
  • 2nd & 4th Wednesdays: newsprint, magazines, catalogs, junk mail, office and computer paper, paper bags, telephone books, cardboard and cereal type boxes tied in bundles no more than 12". Corrugated boxes are recyclable. They will not be picked up by the garbage haulers.
  • On 5th Wednesday 1/31, 5/29, 7/31, 10/30 Extra Paper/Cardboard Pickup
  • To schedule pickup of large appliances, household equipment, screens, refrigerators, air conditioners and ice makers with Freon removed by a certified service person, call IWS at 1-866-DIAL-IWS. If you buy a new appliance, ask whether the merchant will dispose of your old appliance.
  • Building and construction materials WILL NOT be collected. Private arrangements must be made for disposal.
  • Mondays - GRASS COLLECTION - Starting April 5 and ending October 29, grass will be picked up curbside. It must be placed in UNCOVERED REUSABLE 30 GALLON CONTAINERS.